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Located in Paris and managed by Jean Claude YOUNES, this French company was born in 1982, being the First Company to import videoprojectors into the French Market. Jean-Claude YOUNES started in 1986 to import and distribute the Vidikron brand, developping an innovating marketing policy based on the slogan "Le Cinema a la Maison" (The Home Cinema). He established a strong retailers network in France, choosing them amongst the High End Hi-fi independent retail stores and Customs Installers.


100" screen just from 1 foot distance


GEEK II, new and smarter

Dreamvision releases the Dreamy Geek II projector. Powered by LED lights for up to 30,000 hours of projection, the GEEK II comes into an amazing white design and with an upgraded operating system with exceptional specifications.

The new Siglos Series

Now comes with more robust power management and improved 3D performance. The Siglos 3 has an extraordinary 150,000:1 native contrast ratio, attained by hand-selecting components, and coupled with the new Dynamic Aperture system, this model tops the Siglos Series with its 1,500,000:1 contrast ratio.



Ultra Short-Throw

The first Laser, Full-HD UST projector Dreamvision extends its Pro range with the new UST25-4000HDi video-projector. The UST25-4000HDi is remarkable for being the first ultra short throw projector in the world that combines laser technology with Full-HD resolution.


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